Natural Ultra Thin Stone Veneer

Natural Ultra Thin Stone Veneer

Material: Natural Stone Normal Size :1220x610mm 1220x2440mm 3000x1220mm Thickness: 1-2mm 1.5-2.5mmm Brand: Xiamen Realho Stone Co.,Ltd

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Natural Ultra-Thin Stone Veneer

Realho Natural ultra-thin stone originated from German technology, is a revolutionary stone product. It peels off the surface of the stone. For example, rubbing usually tears off the surface lines and unique color flakes of stone. Its thickness is only 0.1-1.5mm.

 It also endows the stone with ultra-light, ultra-thin and bendable characteristics. The natural texture of each stone surface is all the same. It is the unique design of nature.

Ultra-thin stone has the advantages of ultra-thin and bending. It can release the imprisonment of natural stone in the field of architecture and decoration. It can make the designer’s fantastic idea of using stone get a real design restore.


Natural pebble was born as a revolutionary stone product, which subverted the traditional concept of the stone application. It is not cut out with stone cutting equipment but manually stripped. Substrate materials are sedimentary rocks and sandstones in nature.

The rock surface is peeled off by using natural layer rationality of such rocks and similar peeling onion or turning over books. The natural texture of the stone itself is completely retained. The backplate is made of polyester fiberglass polymer to compound the pebble, which makes the pebble have physical strength and flexibility, and makes the pebble have bending properties.

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Welcome to purchase high quality and pure natural natural ultra thin stone veneer from Realho Stone which is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Under strict quality control and management system, our own professional stone plant will offer you the best quality natural ultra thin stone veneer at cheap price.
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