Large Stone Female Carving Buddha Statues

Large Stone Female Carving Buddha Statues

Realho Stone supply various types of Buddha Statues.Each Buddha is hand carved by workers with a lot of experiences and completely one of a kind. 1. Product Name: Large Stone Female Carving Buddha Statues 2. Stone Material:white marble 3. Color:white 4. Finish:as per your demand or drawing you...

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Large Stone Female Carving Buddha Statues

Large Stone Female Carving Buddha Statues

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Realho Stone supplies various types of Buddha statues. Each Buddha is hand-carved by workers with a lot of experiences and completely one of a kind.


Large stone carving Buddhism buddha statue sculpture




Home decoration




All designs can be customized


1 Piece 


We are the factory, we can offer the competitive price

30 experience of manufacture and export

15 years experience QC for inspecting each step

Professional Design team & sales & After-sales service

Rich experience shipping agent for air, sea or train

Alibaba Trade Assurance, that can keep your money safe and the sculpture quality

Payment terms

T/T, Trade Assurance, Paypal, Western Union, credit card


Strong wooden crate with waterproof and shockproof foam inside

Delivery time

35-40days after deposit not including the clay mound fix and confirm a time

The Buddha is represented in hundreds of types of statues, each with its symbolism. The Buddha lived around 500 B.C.His philosophies became the foundation of Buddhism, which has several different branches. One group of statues shows Buddha unclothed and without jewelry, representing simplicity and detachment from material things. Statues of the Buddha with long ears and a bump on his head indicate his all-hearing and all-knowing aspects. The most common type of Buddha statue shows him with various hand gestures, called mudras. Each mudra has its meaning.

Abhaya Mudra

One of the most common mudras is the Abhaya mudra. In this statue, the Buddha has his right hand raised and his palm faces outward. The left-hand hangs down by the hips. This mudra represents peaceful intentions and protection.

Bhumisparsha Mudra

Bhumisparsha mudra statues symbolize the Buddha's enlightenment beneath a bodhi tree. In this statue, the fingers on the right hand reach toward Earth, representing the solitary nature of the Buddha's meditation. The only being present at his awakening was the Earth. Bhumisparsha statues also may show the Buddha riding on an elephant, which represents steadfastness.

Dhyana Mudra

Dhyana mudra statues show the Buddha with one hand or both in his lap, which symbolizes wisdom. Dhyana statues may also include ritual items such as an alms bowl.

Dharmachakra Mudra

Dharmachakra mudra statues show the Buddha with the index finger and thumb of both hands touching at their tips. This forms a circle, representing the wheel of dharma, or fate. In this depiction Buddha is teaching the spiritual laws of the universe.

Varada mudra

Varada mudra statues show the Buddha with both his hands hanging at waist level. The palms turn outward with the left hand pointing down and the right hand pointing up, symbolizing balance.

Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha statue, also known as the Smiling Buddha or Happy Buddha, is a bodhisattva. A bodhisattva is an enlightened being or heroic, wise spirit who strives to obtain Buddhahood. Although it does not represent the Buddha, many on the eightfold path of Buddhism embrace this image because it represents good fortune, joy, abundance, and contentment.

Our Advantage:


Specialized in stone manufacturing for since 1997 and own more than 10 years in exporting business


Own whole series of advanced machine and our workers own at least 5 years experience in carving


Efficient service and own our professional QC to take control of the satisfied quality for you.


So far, we have customers from more than 50 countries.

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