Popular Design Vein Type Engineered Quartz Stone

Popular Design Vein Type Engineered Quartz Stone

Popular Design Vein Type Engineered Quartz Stone 1)Products Name:Popular Design Vein Type Engineered Quartz Stone 2).Colors Selections:White,Cream,Beige,Grey,Brown,Black 3.)Finish:Polished 4.)Edge Finish Edge:Eased Edge,Full Bullnosed,Ogee,Laminated Edge,Half Bullnosed 5.)Related Product:Prefab...

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 Vein Type Engineered Quartz Stone

White Quartz Stone Countertops White  Quartz Stone Slabs

Quartz Slabs for Countertops  White Quartz Slabs for Vanity tops 

Countertop Edges Drawing & Countertop Design


.Production Description of Realho Stone

Quartz Standard Size:

Big Slab:3000 x 1200mm ; 3000 x 1400mm ; 3000 x 1500mm; 3200 x 1600mm.

Quartz Thickness:

18mm,20mm, 30mm.

Quartz Colors:

More than 80 colors freely selection



 - Countertop Sizes: 

48*26". 70*26", 78*26", 96"x26", 108"x26"

 - Island Sizes: 

72"x36", 96"x36", 96"x40", 108"x44"

 - Vanity top Sizes: 

22"x25", 22"x31", 22"x37", 22"x49", 22"x61", 22"x73"

Quartz Surface Finish:


Side Finish: Flat, Easted, Stright, Bevel,Bullnose, Full Bullnose, Ogee.

Sample size

100*100*15mm for free.


200m2 / color

Water Absorption


Flexural Strength


Abrasion Resistance


Surface Hardness

7 Mohs  

Applications of Quartz Slabs Series


Wall / BacksplashYesWall   / BacksplashYes
Freezing ClimateYes

Exterior UsageYes

FAQ of Realho Stone

Q: What color options are available for quartz countertops?

A: The color palette is very broad, giving you many options to choose from. Available colors range from neutrals like creams, browns, and blacks to apple-reds and grassy-greens. Regardless of decor, quartz will complement a traditional, modern, or contemporary theme. For an added effect, recycled glass or metallic flecks are added in certain lines during the manufacturing process.

Q: In which areas of the home should quartz be used?

A: Use quartz for kitchen counters, bathroom vanity tops, fireplaces, shower surrounds, windowsills and coffee tables. Businesses can use quartz for food service counters, conference tables, and reception tops. Just remember that quartz cannot be used for exterior purposes as it can discolor with too much exposure to ultraviolet light.

Q: Are quartz countertops porous?

No. Quartz countertops are engineered with resin, making them non-porous. They will not collect bacteria, and typically don't etch or stain in the same manner marble or granite can.

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