Quartz Stone Slabs for Kitchen with New Fashion Color

Quartz Stone Slabs for Kitchen with New Fashion Color

High Quality Popular New Fashion Quartz Stone Price,Quartz Stone Slabs for Kitchen 1)Products Name:High Quality Popular New Fashion Quartz Stone Price,Quartz Stone Slabs for Kitchen 2).Colors Selections:White,Cream,Beige,Grey,Brown,Black 3.)Finish:Polished 4.)Edge Finish Edge:Eased Edge,Full...

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 Grey Quartz Stone Slabs for Kitchen Countertop and Vanity top

At first, quartz stone was only used in the cabinet table, furniture table, and laboratory operation table with high surface requirements. With the development of the economy and the maturity of the market, more and more ground, wall, furniture and other fields in foreign countries begin to use quartz stone, such as various large-scale hotels, luxury houses, landmark buildings, quartz stone is gradually becoming a substitute for natural stone products. And the use of quartz stone customers is also constantly changing, from traditional wholesalers to real estate development companies, to building decoration companies, more and more people are joining the quartz stone consumption trend.

Semi Quartz Countertop Slabs Quartz Stone Slabs for Kitchen

Quartz  Kitchen Island Top Grey Quartz Stone

The advantage of selecting quartz stone for decoration is that it not only inherits the aestheticism pattern of natural stone, but also has the performance superior to natural stone, such as strong hardness, temperature resistance, low water absorption, no color penetration, etc., and it is 100% environmentally friendly, non-toxic and radiation-free. The more controllable thickness and specification, the more abundant colors and patterns also make quartz an absolute substitute for natural stone.

Countertop Edges Drawing Kitchen Countertop Drawings

.Production Description of Realho Stone

Sizes of Quartz Countertop and Vanity Top Series

Prefab   Countertop Size:

96"/98"/108"/110"x26"/25.5",   Or Customized

Prefab Vanity   Top Size:

25"/31"/37/43"/49''/61''/73''x26"/25.5",   Or Customized

Prefab Island   Size:

72"x36",   96"x36", 96"x38", 96"x40", Or Customized

Prefab Slab   size:

3000 x 1400/1600 mm, 3200*1600 mm

Prefab   Backspalsh Size:

2'', 4'', 6'',   Or Customized

Standard   Thickness:

2cm (3/4''),   3cm(1 1/4''), 20+20mm laminated, 30+20mm laminated, etc

Edge Profile:

Eased, Full   Bull-nose, Half Bull-nose, OG, Laminated Full Bull-nose, Laminated OG, Etc..


Kitchen,   Bathroom And Restroom For Hotel, Apartment, Condos, Public Area, etc

Quality   Control:

Polished   degree:90 degree or up. As customs' requirement

Thickness   tolerance:+/-1mm


a)-Slabs: 15-20pcs pack in a sea worth bundle (after fumigation) 
   b)-Cut-to-size:60-80pcs pack in a sea worth crates (after fumigation) 
  c)-Counter top, Vanity top:12-25pcs pack in a sea worth crates, each surface cover with PE film   (after fumigation)
  d)Stair Step:80-120pcs pack in a sea worth crates, every 10-15 pieces a   bundle (after fumigation)

Main market

North America, South America, Europe, Australia,   The Middle East,  Africa, and Southeast Asia, etc.

FAQ of Realho Stone

Q: Where can quartz be used?
Quartz is ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom counters, and vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, bar tops, desks, and more. Quartz should not be used outdoors as extreme and long-term direct exposure to ultraviolet light can cause it to discolor with time

Q.What colors do quartz countertops come in?
Because quartz is an engineered stone it is available in hundreds of colors and styles. The color and patterns can be altered by using different pigments and materials during the engineering process. Quartz can be designed to mimic other natural stones, such as granite or marble. Color's options range from bright whites and tan colors through dark browns and blacks and everything in between.

Q.Do Quartz countertops have seams?
Yes, unless the slab size and countertop design allow for single slab placement. However, when installed properly quartz seams aren't very noticeable. The design and layout process should include a discussion about where on the countertop the seams will be placed. Professional installation should mean that seams almost invisible.

Q. How is quartz produced?

Quartz is a manufactured surface that is made by mixing 95% ground natural quartz with 5% polymer resins. The result is a material that still looks natural, but the engineering provides for more consumer customization based on the individual’s design plans.

Q: What special precautions should be taken when cooking near quartz?

A: Quartz can be affected by extreme heat, so manufacturers recommend using cutting boards, rivers, and hot pads while preparing meals. Quartz is very durable, but remember that any material can be damaged if not cared for properly.

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