Polished Verde Green Onyx Table Top

Polished Verde Green Onyx Table Top

Verde Green Onyx is one of the most precious and esteemed onyxes.The color of the slabs varies between light green,dark green,brown and white. This rich stone has swirls of green, gold, brown, and cream. This dynamic stone looks best installed on large surfaces with its large-scale patterning. Recommended for well-maintained surfaces in the bathroom. Onyx is well suited for wall surfaces and custom furniture.

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Verde Green Onyx Table Top

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Verde Green Onyx

Edges process

Straight Edges, Bevel Single, Bevel Double, Round single, Round Top, Ogg Round, Half Bullnose, Full Bullnose, Double Bullnose,   1/2 Bevel, 1/4 Bevel Top, Ogee, Ogg Double, Ogee Bullnose, DuPont Double,   etc.


1.Vanity   top:

   25"x19"/22"            31"x19"/22"          37"x19" /22",

   49"x19"/22"          61"x19"/22"      (single or double   sinks)

2.Kitchen   Counter top:

   96"x36"          96"x25"         78"x25"       78 "x36"

   72"x36"            96"x16"

Custom sizes ared accepted

Surface finish

polished, honed, etc.

Quality control 

90 degree or up polished degree

Thickness tolerance: ±1mm

All products are checked by experienced   QC before packing

Other Popular Colors for countertop

Tan Brown, Baltic Brown, Santa Cecilia, Giallo Firota,   Kashmir Gold, Black Galaxy, Verde Ubatuba, Butterfly Green, China Green,   Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Silver Pearl, Shanxi black China Black, Fuding   Black, Tianshan Red, Peach Red, G603, G640, G682, G654, G684, etc.


Seaworthy Professional wooden crate packing


Realho Stone


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How to Clean Onyx Countertops/Tabletops Properly?

You should always be on the lookout for any reason to clean your onyx surfaces. As we’ve mentioned, you are dealing with a calcium-based natural stone, meaning that it will react with acids, including common household liquids such as lemon juice, vinegar, coffee, and even wine. You should avoid using homemade cleaners or other regular cleaners for kitchen countertops, as these products may be too acidic.

Another crucial thing to remember is to avoid abrasive cleaners. Stay away from cleansers that are too acidic or harsh for onyx. Instead, you should look for products with a neutral pH level. Use that with a soft cloth to clean your countertops. Our best advice is to apply the cleaning liquid on the soft tissue, then use that on the surface. Do not pour the cleaner directly onto the onyx countertop.


Clean Up Spills Immediately

Keep in mind that onyx is a porous natural stone. Therefore it will quickly absorb liquids. With this in mind, you should remember to blot up spills as soon as they happen, but you should never forget to only blot and not to wipe! Simply place the paper towels on the spills and allow them to absorb the liquid. It is worth noting that spills can be damaging to your countertops, especially when the liquid is acidic. Acid etching can occur, which can dull your onyx benchtops as a result.


Seal Your Countertop

While sealers do not make your countertops stain-proof, they slow down the absorption process of spills. To keep the luminous shine and durability of your onyx surfaces, we suggest using a sealer on them. That said, your best option is to hire a professional to do this because the process can be complicated.

If you’d prefer to seal your countertops yourself, you must find the right product for the job. Unfortunately, products you can find from your local hardware store won’t do, so if you’re looking to perform the task by yourself, it’s best to seek out a premium sealer.

Remember that you need to reseal your onyx countertops once every two or three years. The frequency depends on how much abuse the surfaces receive, their color and the type of cleaner you use. If you have lighter-hued onyx, you might need to seal it more often. After all, they stain more easily.

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