Taboos Of FengShui Ball Fountains And Their Functions

- Jan 20, 2020-


A good FengShui environment can not only make us live healthy and comfortable, but also improve our overall fortune. However, not everyone's home selection and decoration from the beginning can ensure that FengShui is good enough, so many people will find ways to improve FengShui in their homes. There are many ways to improve Feng Shui in your home. FengShui ball fountain is one of them, but any Feng Shui decoration has a lot of attention to display. Let's take a look at the taboos of FengShui ball water fountain decoration and related functions.

Fengshui sphere fountain

Suitable Places for FengShui ball fountain

1. Fengshui ball fountain ornaments are mainly used for the indoor and outdoor decoration of hotels, villas, and homes. They both beautify the environment of the house, are beautiful and elegant, and have profound meanings. They bless the owner with a happy life and a smooth career.

2. These FengShui spheres are generally placed in the gate of the villa or in the yard of the home. The essence of heaven and earth can be condensed because they are placed in the middle position. The magnetic field has a good effect, and it can avoid evil and promote wealth. Feng FengShui balls should not be placed. It is placed under the God of Wealth because there is a saying in the FengShui study that the gods are not allowed to enter the water. If this is placed, there will be danger of breaking the fortune. In the hotel guests, museums, office buildings, Feng Shui Polo, can increase popularity, symbolize the vitality and rich financial resources.

Taboos for placement of FengShui Ball fountain

1. Fengshui ball fountain is suitable to be placed at home, which can play a role in avoiding evil and promoting wealth.

2. Fengshui ball fountain should not be placed under the God of Wealth, because FengShui ball has water, and it has violated the taboo of "God-Going to the Water" in Fengshui science.

3. Don't put FengShui ball behind the sofa, because from the perspective of home feng shui science, water is impermanent, relying on it as a backing, it is difficult to find stability, so it will be reliable without mountains and affect the stability of home delivery. However, if it is next to the sofa, it will not hinder the residential feng shui.

4. Fengshui ball must not run against the stove, because the stove in the kitchen is a fire. According to the principle of the five elements, "water" and "fire" run against each other, especially they cannot be a straight line. It can overcome the fire, so it is the stove that belongs to the fire, which will harm the health of the family. In addition, the same is true of Shindai.

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