Stone Dry Hanging Construction Process

- Jan 03, 2020-

The stone dry hanging method, also known as the air hanging method, is a new type of construction technology in contemporary decorative materials. In this method, the decorative stone is directly hung on a wall surface or suspended on a steel frame with a metal pendant, without the need for grouting and pasting. The principle is to set the main stress point on the main structure, and fix the stone to the building through metal pendants to form a stone decorative curtain wall.

The Advantages:

1. It can effectively avoid the phenomenon of plate hollowing, cracking, peeling and other phenomena that occur in the traditional wet paste process, which significantly improves the safety and durability of the building;

2. It can completely avoid the whitening and discoloration of the traditional wet paste process board surface, which is beneficial to keeping the curtain wall clean and beautiful;

3. Improve the working conditions of construction personnel to a certain extent, reduce the labor intensity, and help speed up the progress of the project.

Now we will show you the construction technology of dry hanging stone.

1)Dry hanging stone-steel skeleton

2)Dry hanging stone-telescopic joint

telescopic joint

3)Dry hanging stone-manual slotting

manual slotting

4)Dry hanging stone-finish hanging

finish hanging

5)Dry hanging stone-front side

Front side

After the paste is completed, the gap between the stones can be filled with the sealant.

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