Stone Conservation

- Jan 03, 2020-

The Importance Of Stone Conservation

In order to pursue the decoration effect, many friends will choose the stone as decoration material.

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Similarly, many friends have the same view: Stone is a durable material that does not require maintenance. This view is actually wrong. Because the stone itself has a naturally outstanding physical characteristic-water absorption. In this way, due to different sources of external pollution sources, such as water vapor, rain, oil, etc. in contact with it, the stone is prone to pollution. So, after summing up, the pollution problems often encountered by customers are pan-alkaline, rust spots, yellow spitting, stains, oil spots, yellow straw and weathering, aging, discoloration, gloss, and wear.Marble

Stone, especially natural stone, has particularly strict requirements for conservation. Some people may be busy and don't have time to deal with them, while others are too worried and always maintain them. For the conservation of stone, a frequency is required. Although the environment used by each person is different, and the wear of the stone is also different, it is basically impossible to escape from such a frequency. How to effectively prevent the occurrence of stone pollution? At this time, stone conservation came into being.Marble Floor

       Recrystallization of stone is a popular stone curing method. This curing method uses a method called: stone recrystallization system. This system has two parts, one refers to the machine tool part, and the other refers to some specialized chemical materials. Its basic principle is to combine some chemical special materials under the action of machinery with the heat generated during friction to combine with the structure and microstructure of the stone surface and micro-rheological reaction, thereby creating a new harder and brighter blend Crystal layer. Using these stone recrystallization systems to maintain the marble floor, you can make the stone floor bright, fresh and natural. For marble, it can also increase the abrasion resistance of its surface and make its gloss last longer.Floor tile
       In general, due to the difference in the texture of the marble floor, such maintenance is usually done about 3 months, but the specific time depends on the degree of wear of the marble surface.

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