Stone Background Wall

- Feb 08, 2020-

The TV background wall is the visual center of a living room, and it also reflects the taste of the decorative design. Today,  we would like to recommend some stone background walls as follows.

Natural stone gives an intimate texture and a delicate indoor atmosphere to be organically soft together. If you love life and pay attention to quality, it is estimated that you can't resist this temptation ...

Stone is both charming and mysterious, and it has quickly become popular in design. We all like to walk around the city and find out by accident that it will immediately hit our romantic feelings. Just like these small, castle-like houses, it seems that they can go through at any time.

Natural stone classic designer's exquisite mix, or luxurious or simple, or timeless or restrained. It represents the solid foundation of a family and the prosperity and prosperity of a family. All these are the Chinese people's love for Shi, a lonely love, and a high hope for the family.

The beauty of each natural stone curtain wall cannot be described with words. At home, it is like a natural natural landscape. The natural stone background wall is not only beautiful and atmospheric, but also has functions of sound absorption, sound insulation, wave absorption, etc. There are many places that can be decorated on the background wall. Through the designer's modern design techniques, they are cleverly combined with space, culture and living art to show luxury Introverted humanism and culture.

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