On Resource Status And Development Prospect Of White Granite Stone

- Sep 02, 2016 -

Among the many varieties of stone, white stone, with its wide range, long time popular and well received by architects around the world, the artist's favor. In the white marble, Fangshan white marble, China Italy Bianco Carrara universal Yang. And now the Sichuan baoxing white (Shu Bai) white marble for domestic products. In white granite stone in the family, higher value species is "United States of white" (also known as United States white), most of the other, this is the grey series, its value can not be compared, United States White granite into the Chinese market early, for example, the specification plates cost up to 1800 Yuan/m2, in recent years. Increased because importers, abundant, prices fall further, that is, in dozens of imported stone, its price remains at the top, size priced at up to 900 Yuan/m2.

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