Material Recommendation -Jura Beige Marble

- Mar 28, 2017 -

Material Recommendation - Jura Beige Marble

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          Jura Beige Marble is a marble orignated from German, with small light white creamy spots

  Suitable for non-polished finishes like honed, split , natural , bush-hammered surfaces

★★★ Compressive Strength:104Mpa

                                                           ★★★ Moh's Hardness:3

★★★ Modulus Of Rupture:11.29Mpa

                                                           ★★★ Density: 2.64g/cm3

                                                           ★★★ Water Absorption:0.26%

Quarry Body

Honed Flooring Tiles

Wall Cladding Panels

Profiling Design

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