How To Remove Rust From Granite

- Feb 09, 2020-

Due to the natural properties of granite, each type of granite itself contains more or less iron. There is a lot of rain in summer. When the rain contacts the iron in the granite, an oxidation reaction occurs and rust spots will form. Similarly, the residual steel grit during processing, iron tools and scaffolding during installation, and metal-containing appliances such as decoration during the construction process will cause the formation of rust spots on the granite surface if the cleaning or improper use of granite cleaners is completed after construction .


Some people like to use ordinary hydrochloric acid and other acidic materials to clean granite. In doing so, they can only temporarily remove the rust spots, they cannot be completely removed, and they will also accelerate the iron rust inside the granite, making the rust spots more serious. Therefore, for rust spots, a special granite rust remover must be used for cleaning to completely remove the rust spots and convert them into stable colorless substances.

Cleaning and rust removal of smooth granite
Treatment material: special cleaning and descaling agent for hemp
 Construction method:
1. Protect the non-granite and granite cleaning parts.
2. Clean up dirt and surface sinking on granite.
3. Stir the cleaning rust remover and water evenly at a ratio of 1: 1 (the granite does not dilute when it is severely rusted), and directly apply to the rusty place of granite.
4. After all the rust has faded (it takes about several minutes to several hours, depending on the specific conditions of the rust, the original iron rust spots of granite, such as rust stone, will take longer to remove rust), and then Wash with water.

5. If the rust is serious, the rust can not be removed at one time, and the rust can be removed repeatedly.

Cleaning and rust removal of rough granite
Method 1: Remove rust from granite with smooth surface.
Method 2: (only applicable to light-colored granite):
Material: Special cleaning and refurbishing agent for hemp.
 Construction method:
1. Protect non-granite and granite non-washed parts.
2. Clean up dirt and surface dust on granite.
3. Stir the granite cleaning and refurbishing agent and water evenly at a ratio of 1: 1 (the granite surface may not be diluted when the dirt is particularly serious), and directly apply it to the surface to be cleaned.
4. Clean the granite surface with water for about one minute.
5. If the local rust spots are serious and cannot be completely removed by one cleaning, the above operation process can be repeated.

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