How To Install Granite Countertops

- Jan 28, 2020-

How to install Granite Countertops

Countertops/washing table countertops mainly include: quartz stone countertops, granite countertops, marble countertops, sandstone countertops, slate countertops, and limestone countertops.

The mainstream is quartz stone and granite countertops.

Installing a granite countertop is both economical and easy. When it comes to cleaning, granite is also a better choice than other tiles. It does not require cleaning and grouting and is almost no-clean.

Required items:

Granite countertops (customized), hammer for removing old countertops, horizontal lines, silicone adhesive

Step 1: Measure the installation area. Measure the length and width of the installation area with a tape measure. Decide if you want to install a countertop with a sink or separate them.

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Step 2: Customize your marble countertop from your home improvement store or marble maker.

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Step 3: Remove old countertops and sinks, and keep the cabinets intact unless you want to replace them. Demolition will take a few days before installing a new, sophisticated marble table. Do not remove old countertops and sinks until you receive new countertops and sinks, especially if you are still using them daily.

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Step 4: Install the new worktop first, do not apply any glue. Give it a try and see if it works. If the installation area is not a complete square, you may need to trim the new worktop.

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Step 5: Attach the tailgate and make sure it is tightly integrated with the wall. If the area is not a complete square or there are gaps, make the necessary adjustments.

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Step 6: After checking all the corners, you are ready to start bonding. Use 100% clean silicone adhesive. The clean silicone adhesive is very sticky and will not fade on light-colored marble. Avoid using dark-colored adhesives, as their color will show through marble once they are dry. Before applying the adhesive, wipe off the dust from behind the marble with alcohol. Remove any excess adhesive that may have adhered to the granite.

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Step 7: Leave it for 8 hours before using it. Make sure the countertop is evenly fixed on the cabinet.

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