Granite Varieties By Color

- Sep 02, 2016 -

Decorative granite polishing plate bright as a mirror, decorated with ornate noble effect. Common varieties of granite polished boards are:

(1) Red series: Sichuan cenxi, asbestos red, red red, tiger skin red, cherry red, flat guhong, du

Cuckoo, red, rose, Royal Red, Lu Qinghong, even red.

(2) yellow red series

Chenxi County East of Orange, red, and Lian Zhou XING Yang, light red, rosé, ocean orange red and pink flowers, cherry red, coral flower, Tiger and so on.

(3) white series

Bai Shihua, Jian, black and white flowers, white tiger, Sesame white, Sichuan gray gray gray gray, Lingnan, Jinan, and such.

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