White Marble Slabs For Tiles And Countertops

White Marble Slabs For Tiles And Countertops

1:Material: Volakas White, Ariston White Marble, White Jade
2:Products: Floor Tiles, Bathroom Vanity tops, Mosaic Tiles
4:Surface: Polished, Honed
5:MOQ: 100 SQM

Product Details

White marble is a beautiful natural stone that is often used in home remodeling projects. The stone has also been used to build some of the world’s most famous statues and structures.                White marble slabs are one of the best options for flooring material due to their beautiful and pure look. If you choose white marble for your home or any commercial space, you get a number of options to select as white marble has a varied range. The White Volakas Marble, Ariston White Marble, Chinese Jade White Marble, Crystal White Marble, Panada White Marble, and other white color marble are the best sellers in the white marble range. They are very popular in the market because of their fine finish, pure white color, and smooth texture.

1: New Volakas White Marble Slabs for Hotel Lobby Floor Tiles

Volakas white is a marble belonging to class A. Slab features: white base, many and deep flowers, flowers are purple or gray, glossy and soft white volakas shades are mostly creamy white, rich texture, clear stripes, prompting decorative decorations often have a strong cultural and historical flavor, used by many well-known buildings decoration in the world.

The white color white solemn was given too much meaning, from the beginning to the end of the unchanged is the pure texture. The texture is unique and has a special landscape pattern, with good decorative properties, in the pattern trend, texture, deep traces of prehistoric civilization, but its overall shape can be described as "modern fashion", highlighting a master design style, will be honored, elegant, top quality product characteristics to the fullest, as loved by many architects. This stone is especially good for Building stone, countertops, sinks, monuments, pool coping, sills, ornamental stone, interior, exterior, wall, floor, paving, and other design projects.

MaterialWhite Marble Slabs and Tiles 
Surface Finish ChoicePolished, Honed
ProductDry-hangs, Cut-to-Sizes, Panels, Slabs, Tops, Blocks, Pavings, Kerbs, etc.
Common SizesThe below sizes are common ones, we can also do according to your requirement.
PanelsSize(mm)300X300, 300X600, 600x600, etc.
Thickness(mm)10, 18, 20, 30, etc.
SlabsSize(mm)2400upx600, 2400upx800,
2500upx1200up, etc.
Thickness(mm)16,17,20,30, etc.
CountertopsSize(mm)1800x560, 2100x560, 2400x560, etc.
Thickness(mm)20, 30, etc.
Vanity TopsSize(mm)1200x560, 1500x560, 1800x560, etc.
Thickness(mm)20, 30, etc.

Volakas White Marble Flooring Tiles               White Marble Tiles

New Volakas White Marble Tiles                                       White Marble Floor Tiles 

White Marble Solid Column               Volakas Marble Hotel Floor Tiles

Volakas Marble Solid Column For SPA                                Volakas Marble Hotel Lobby Floor Tiles

It also gives a feel of wider space. You can try the white marble for flooring and for wall cladding as well. Else you can try mixing white marble with other marbles or any other building materials for a different yet pretty look.

2:New Ariston White Marble Slabs and Tiles for Hotel Projects

Ariston White Marble is a kind of pure white marble quarried in Northern Greece. This stone is especially good for Exterior - Interior wall and floor applications. The surface is pure white with few grey veins, which makes the house and hotel very tender, lively, conformable, and elegant. They are widely used for indoor adornment, countertops, panels, bathrooms, sinks, mosaics, and so on.

Ariston White Marble Slabs

Ariston Marble Floor Tiles               White Marble Wall Cladding Tiles

Ariston Marble Floor Tiles                                                   Aristone Marble Wall Cladding Tiles 

White marble is the most likely choice for homes as the white color adds elegance and create serenity in the atmosphere. It also gives a feel of wider space. 

3: White Jade Marble Slabs for Floor and Tiles 

White Jade Marble Bring a touch of timeless class to any space with the White Jade collection. The beautifying white body with subtle veining creates an instantly upscale feeling. Available in mosaic, hexagon, penny round, and herringbone styles. Chinese white jade has the characteristics of pure stone quality, delicate luster, clean as fat, strong hardness, stable lithology, etc. It is widely used in three-dimensional stone carving, relief carving, exterior wall decoration, handicraft processing, etc.

White Jade Marble Slabs

White marble is a beautiful natural stone that is often used in home remodeling projects. The stone has also been used to build some of the world’s most famous statues and structures. Homeowners have long adored white marble for its pure beauty and the sophisticated feel that the stone gives off.

4:Panda White Marble with Black Veins for Tabletops and Kitchen Countertops Panda White Marble Round Table Tops          White and Black Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble Dinner Table Tops                                              White Marble Countertops 

Panda white is a white marble original in china. It is a white background with occasionally darker black straight veins, wild, brightness shows its unique charming. The black and white, from its appearance, black is dancing, the white is pure, they perfectly suit each other. Panda white marble is the perfect combination of black and white. The unique charm of the stone lies in its surface that looks closer to nature around. It is the contrast between black and white colors that steals the show.

FAQ of White Marble 

Is a white marble countertop better for a marble kitchen?

For marble kitchen countertops, however, Nussbaum generally recommends sticking with white. Because acid etching leaves a whitish mark, it is much more noticeable on colored marble than on white marble.

Know the difference between cracks and fissures in your marble?

Cracks are a sign that the marble has been dropped or improperly handled. Fissures, though, are entirely different. "A fissure differs from a crack in that it’s a naturally occurring feature in the stone and does not change the plane of the marble surface," says Rafauli. "You should be able to slide your nail across a fissure without it catching. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, fissures may be acceptable—say, if you're looking for a stone that will give you a more rustic look. Fissures don’t change the integrity of the stone; they are part of the stone’s character."

How do I care for my granite countertop?

Granite is a very easy surface to care for. When we install your granite countertops, we apply a silicone impregnator to seal your tops.

The impregnator soaks into the stone and will protect it for 10-15 years as long as no harsh chemicals or abrasives are used on it.

All Agranites can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Most can be cleaned with a Windex type product (with vinegar), however, this is not recommended for the lighter stones. We also carry a stone cleaner that can be used on granite or marble.

If you find a greasy film on your countertops that cannot be removed with the Windex or stone cleaner, you can use a little bit of denatured alcohol in the area to cut through the film. Just spray some on and wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel. Do not do this more than once every few months.

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