Italy Bianco Carrara White Lasa Marble Tile for Flooring Tile

Italy Bianco Carrara White Lasa Marble Tile for Flooring Tile

Material: Carrara White
Thickness:10,12,18 mm
Factory: Realho Stone

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Italy Bianco Carrara White Marble Tile for Flooring Tile

Realho Stone can provide Carrara white marble material, from floor tiles, wall tiles, kitchen countertop, vanity tops, bar tops, mosaic tiles, and sinks, you can find different Carrara marble products in our warehouses.

Carrara white marble.jpgThis white marble is a popular white stone from Italy that is a consistent, light natural stone with dark/light grey veining.

This Carrara stone is one of the iconic luxury Italian buildings material. This marble is recommended for both residential and commercial projects.

This beautiful Marble is available in the following tile sizes:12x12,12x24,18x18,2x2,3x3 and Slabs:2 CM,3 CM.

 Bianco Carrara White Marble Tile

Carrara Marble Floor Tiles

Carrara White Marble Wall Tiles

With the white background with light gray silk, just like Chinese ink on white rice paper rendering gray lines. Each piece is different. It's an abstract ink painting. You can imagine it freely.

Nowadays, the application of white stone in decoration design is more and more extensive, and it has gradually become a favorite in the field of high-end design. Carrara white marble is displayed in the overall space, infusing people's understanding of home, the feeling of home, and attitude towards life. It is pure, pure, and noble.

Product nameItaly Carrara Marble Tiles
MaterialsCararra White Marble
SizesTiles available
12'' X 12" (305mmX305mm),24'' X 24" (600mmX600mm),12'' X 24" (300mmX600mm),customized
Slabs available
180cmUpx60x1.5cm/2.0cm \ 180cmUpx65x1.5/2.0cm \ 180cmUpx70cmx1.5/2.0xm
240cmUpx60x1.5cm/2.0cm \ 240cmUpxx65x1.5/2.0cm \ 240cmUpx70cmx1.5/2.0cm
SurfacePolished, honed

Italy Bianco Carrara White  Marble SlabsPolished Carrara Marble Slabs 

Carrara Bianco White marble is an exclusive Italian natural stone marble collection. Bianco Carrara is a collection of premium Italian marble mosaics, field tiles, and accessories rivaling that of brand name premium Carrara products offered by specialty tiles stores for a fraction of the cost. The emphasis on the Bianco Carrara Collection is quality, selection, and price focusing on the elegance of polished and honed marble. We have relied heavily on decades of natural stone experience and block selection from centuries-old European quarries allowing us to acquire a clear white base Carrara with spectacular random streaks of grey a classic natural Carrara stone of timeless beauty.

Sizes & Packing Details of White Marble Tiles

305x305 x10mm      12" x   12" x 3/8"1046cartons42.79124090026.08
406 x 406x 10mm    16" x 16"   x 3/8"630cartons29.6786090026.08
457 x   45x10mm        18" x 18" x   3/8"630cartons37.6109090026.08
300 x 600 x 20mm     12" x 24" x   3/4"x100pcs18104445026.1

Marble sets a perfect statement in any entryway or floor space within your home or a commercial space Marble is commonly used for and as a building material, such as a hotel project, residential house, etc. It usually can be finished with marble flooring tile, marble wall tile, marble medallions, marble columns and pillars, marble countertop, marble vanity top, marble tops, marble slab, marble stairs and riser, marble handrail, etc.

Because of the advanced technology we can handle completely customized projects, no matter how complex.

Marble SeriesMarble SlabsMarble TilesMarble Tops

Item No

white marble tiles


Bianco Carrara White 


100% Natural Marble


Polished, Honed,

Normal Size (Tiles)

1)305x305mm or 12"x12"

2)400x400mm or 16"x16"

3)457x457mm or 18"x18"

4) 600x600mm or 24"x24"

5) 600x1200up/1500up/1800upx20/30mm

6) Cutter/Half Slab and Gangsaw slab 2/3cm

7) Cut to size or any other customized sizes

30.5x30.5x1,40x40x1cm, other requested

Popular Thickness

10mm, 15mm,18mm,20mm,30mm


Indoor and outdoor decoration building stone material.


By cartons or polyfoam and wooden crates

Business Scope

Slabs, Tiles, Skirting, Window sills, Steps & Riser stairs, Kitchen countertops,

Columns, Curbstones, Paving stones, Cubes, Mosaic

FAQ of Realho Stone

·8. How do you clean marble tile?

·Regularly remove dirt, grit, and other materials tracked in from outside. These materials can cause tiny scratches on the surface of marble, which can become more noticeable with time. Clean the surface with a damp cloth, soft broom, or vacuum quite often.

·Spills should be cleaned immediately, especially if they’re acidic. Fruit juice, coffee, and red wine are particularly problematic because of their tendency to stain. Even if your marble is sealed, it’s best not to take any chances. Also, don’t clean with bleach, vinegar, or any harsh acidic cleaners as these will degrade the marble’s surface over time.

·9. How do you remove stains from marble?

·Stains can be removed from marble by using a procedure called poulticing. This procedure draws the stain up from marble and into another material – a mixture of a reducing agent soaked into a cloth or paper towel is the most basic type of poultice.

·Since the best stain removal methods should always be measured against the type of stain you have, it’s always a good idea to seek advice from an expert if you’re unsure what procedure to use based on the type of material that has stained your marble.

What are Carrera countertops?

Carrara marble is well-known as a premier building material and is one of the most elegant countertop surfaces available due to its delicate veining and pure white background. However, marble doesn’t come without some drawbacks, namely a high-maintenance care routine that just doesn’t fit in with a busy lifestyle.



Available size:

1)slabs: 2600up x 1500up x 16/18/20/30mm

2)Small slabs (strips):

600/700/800/900mm x 1800up x 16/18/ 20/30mm


300x300mm, 600x600mm, 300x600mm,300x900mm, 1200x600mm, 

thickness 16/18/20/30mm etc. 

4) Step: 100-150x30-35x2/3cm

5) Riser: 100-150x15-20x2cm

6)Tile:12''x12''x3/8'',18''x18''x1/2'', 24"x24"x3/8" etc.


Seaworthy wooden packages 

Big slabs:

20mm: 10-12 pcs (about 50-60m2) per bundle

30mm: 7-8 pcs (about 35-40m2) per bundle

Delivered time:

As per order quantity

Payment Terms:

T/T, L/C at sight, Western Union

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