White Oriental Marble Eastern White Marble Slab Own Quarry

White Oriental Marble Eastern White Marble Slab Own Quarry

China White Oriental Marble Eastern White Marble Slab Own Quarry and supply slabs at your request.The marble is called oriental white marble or eastern white marble. Oriental White is a versatile white marble with gray and gold veining,providing a classic look for any environment.It can be used...

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White Oriental Marble Eastern White Marble Slab & Tiles

China White Oriental Marble Eastern White Marble Slab Own Quarry and supply slabs at your request. The marble is called oriental white marble or eastern white marble

Oriental White is based on milky white, with snowflake-like lines running through it. The texture is natural and freehand, white is moist, fresh and refined, and light imprints create a kind of ethereal mood of mountains and rivers, showing elegance.

white oriental marble slab

The texture of Oriental white marble is natural and smooth, with fine and solid texture, a rich sense of hierarchy, bright and clean color and delicate texture. Different surface textures show various style effects

 White Oriental Marble Slabs for wall tiles

Eastern White is a kind of white marble quarried in China. This stone is especially good for Countertops and bars, Interior wall panels, Water walls and fountains, mosaic, stairs, pattern, and other design projects. It also called East White Marble, Orient White Marble, Sichuan White Marble, Eastern White Calacatta, China Calacatta Marble, Marmo Bianco Esterno, Bianco Esterno Marble.

White Oriental Marble Tiles China  White Marble TilesWhite Oriental Marble Eastern White Marble Slab Own Quarry White Oriental Marble Eastern White Marble Slab Own Quarry 

Oriental white marble is one of the luxurious Chinese white marble, popular for its milk-white grounding with grey linear veining, fine grain, fine texture, extremely rich in the sense of jade and very durable quality.

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Production Description of Realho Stone

Product name:White Oriental Marble /Eastern White Marble Slab
Finish:Polished / Honed Surface Finished
Slab sizes:600up×1800up×20~30mm, 700up×1800up×20~30mm,
1200up×2400~3200up×20~30mm, or custom sizes
Tile sizes:305×305mm(12"×12"), 300×600mm(12"×24"), 400×400mm(18"×18"), 600×600mm(24"×24"), 610×300mm(24"×12"), 800×800mm(31"×31"), 700×1200mm(27"×47"), 600×1200mm(24"×47"), or custom sizes
Vanity top sizes:

25×19×3/4", 31×19×3/4", 37×19×3/4", 43×19×3/4", 49×19×3/4", 61×19×3/4", 25×22×3/4", 31×22×3/4", 37×22×3/4", 43×22×3/4", 

49×22×3/4", 61×22×3/4", or custom sizes

Edge: 3/4"eased, 3/4" full bullnose, 3/4"ogee, 3/4"threhold, 3/4"demi bullnose, 

3/4" dupont edge

Kitchen top sizes:

25"×96", 25½"×96", 26"×96", 25½"×108", 26"×108", 28"×96", 28"×108", or 

custom sizes

Edges:1/4bullnose, waterfall, ogee, scotia, half bullnose ,top bullnose, double scotia,Flat, Double bullnose, double dupont, double dupont full etc.
Thickness: 10mm,12mm,16mm,17mm,18mm,20mm,30mm and etc.

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