Polished Albert White Marble Slabs

Polished Albert White Marble Slabs

1.Item:Albert White Marble Slabs
2.Varies options for white marble:volakas white,carrara white,arabescato white,oriental white,ariston white,etc.
4.Standard sizes or customized.
5.Free samples are available.

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Polished Albert White Marble Slabs

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Basic Info


Polished Albert White Marble Slabs




Standard   sizes

Slabs:2400up   x 1200up x 14/16/18/20/25/30mm







Customized   sizes

Accept   any customized sizes according to your projects




Quality   Control

1.       strict   material selection

2.       pictures   of slabs will be sent for client’s confirmation before cutting.

3.       Checking   piece by piece and picking out those one with cracks and strong imperfection.

4.       Dry   lay will be done is it is requested.

5.       Stickers   with numbers will be put on the tiles if it is requested.Then the client can   install the tiles directly based on the numbers.

6.       All   the exported goods will be fumigated to get rid of the virus.


1.       Samples   with standard sizes are available.

2.       Samples   with special design can be produced.

3.       Cost   for sample delivery will be burdened by the client and it can be refunded   after the order is confirmed.


Slabs:strong   seaworthy wooden bundles.

Cut-to-size:strong   seaworthy wooden crates.

Payment   terms:

T/T   30% deposit,70% balance according to B/L copy.

Other   payment terms after negotiable.Please feel free to contact us.

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About Us of Realho Stone


Poject show and Poject LIsts


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Our Team



Related Information about Marble.

How to Clean Marble?

First decide if your marble has historical, aesthetic or sentimental value and whether you wish to pass it on to future generations. If you think your object has significant monetary value, consider having it valued, insured and professionally conserved.

Before you start make sure that you are actually working with marble, as there are many similar materials, e.g. alabaster or painted plaster. 

If in doubt, do not clean because the materials discussed below are not necessarily appropriate for imitation marble. 

Examine your piece in good light to establish if there are any potential problems. 

Look for evidence of a coating and traces of original paint or gilding. If you find any, clean around them without touching them.

Liquid cleaning

Solvents - take care!

Apart from distilled water, the solvents mentioned below are all listed on the COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Register.

It is very important to read the instructions and hazard labels before you use these .

Distilled water - available from DIY stores and chemists, used to clean and as a neutral rinse.

White spirit - good for removing waxes and oily dirt, available from DIY and hardware stores.

2% non-ionic detergent - available from chemists.

Gloves (plastic or Nitrile, not fabric) should be worn to protect the hands, work should be carried out in a very well ventilated area, 

and the minimum amount of solvent should be used.

To ensure safe handling of solvents, decant small quantities for use into glass or ceramic containers 

- this prevents contaminating your bulk supply. Label small quantities of solvent (use the bulk container as a guide) 

and store all solvents appropriately (e.g. out of reach of children and away from sources of ignition etc.).

Basic liquid cleaning

General grime, nicotine build-up and fingerprints can usually be cleaned from unpainted marble using white spirit, 

or a mixture of deionised (purified) water with up to 2% non-ionic detergent added.

For stubborn areas, an equal mixture of water and white spirit with up to 2% non-ionic detergent added may be useful. 

This will need to be shaken regularly to maintain the mixture as an emulsion. 

Keep this in a clearly labelled and securely capped container and only use with Nitrile or plastic gloves.

When cleaning with deionised water use slightly dampened cotton swabs and begin in a small area (e.g. 5 sq cm at a time), 

renewing the swabs once soiled to avoid driving dirt into the marble instead of removing it. 

This will also help avoid obtrusive runs and drips that can then be difficult to remove. 

The degree of porosity of marble is dependent on the condition of the surface. 

Highly polished marble is comparatively non-porous whilst marble that has weathered or been abraded is more porous.

Detergents tend to leave a residue behind on the surface which can increase the rate of resoiling 

and may affect the surface in other ways in the long term. 

If you use a detergent in a cleaning mixture, it is important to wipe over the surface 

thoroughly a second time using swabs slightly dampened with water.

Dry cleaning

If liquid cleaning is inadvisable, a cleaning material such as Groomstick can be used. 

This is a spongy, natural rubber product that is free from moisture, solvents or chemical additives (supplier: Conservation Resources Ltd). 

Wrap a small amount of Groomstick around the end of a bamboo stick and roll it lightly over the surface.

Contact person:Ms.Vickie Liu


what'sapp /  wechat ID:0086 136 9501 2935.

Welcome per your inquiry.

Welcome to purchase high quality and pure natural polished albert white marble slabs from Realho Stone which is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Under strict quality control and management system, our own professional stone plant will offer you the best quality polished albert white marble slabs at cheap price.
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