Ariston Kalliston White Polished Marble for Building Material

Ariston Kalliston White Polished Marble for Building Material

Ariston White Marble for Building Material Ariston is a dolomite also known as Kynos,Kiknos,Kycnos or Kyknos white marble and it is the most exclusive and popular white marble from Greece.It is with Fine grain dolomite with very few diagonal veins characterized by its white and uniform...

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Ariston Kalliston White Polished Marble for Building Material

Ariston is a dolomite also known as Kynos, Kiknos, Kycnos or Kyknos white marble and it is the most exclusive and popular white marble from Greece.

Ariston White marble is fine dolomite (dolomitic marble) although, it is often faulty referred to as limestone or even granite. Ariston White marble is a Greek marble of high quality, with a white background.

It is with Fine grain dolomite with very few diagonal veins characterized by its white and uniform background. Big availability makes Ariston suitable for big projects.

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Ariston white marble is one kind of high-end among white marble material with excellent color and fine grains and few gray veins but its texture is the soft and whitest color that belongs to a kind of precious stone. It like the white clouds floating in the clear sky, people can't refuse its temptation of beauty.

However, its quarry and block quantity are very rarely making people flocking to get it even if the cost is not cheap. It is very suitable to decorate a high-level hotel and Villas to issue its elegant and noble stone character. The popular finish of Ariston white marble is polished and after installation, it always catches people’s eyes easily and makes people conformable. The tile size of Ariston white marble could not cut into in big size as its soft character. Or it will add damage and package cost during transportation. Among all white marble materials. Ariston white marble is very popular with people and reveals a luxury beauty in a modern and simple style.

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The Specs of Ariston White Marble

Primary Color(s)White
Other Industry Names(AKA)N/A
Stone TypeMarble
Available FinishesPolished

Available Sizes of Ariston White Marble (Customized size available)

Slab 3/4”,slab 1 1/4”


Vanity Top:

Applications of Ariston White Marble


Wall / BacksplashYesWall / BacksplashYes
Freezing ClimateYes
Exterior UsageYes

FAQ of Realho Stone

Q: How Many Different Marble Surfaces Treatments can choose?

A: Marble is a soft substance with a surface that is easily worn down with regular usage. Dirt and scratches can affect marble’s appearance, clogging the crystals that reflect light and give the stone its beauty. Because of these characteristics, select a finish for floors, countertops and other applications with a marble surface not only to avoid dullness but to protect the underlying stone.

So the normal marble surface treatments are Polished, Honed and water-proof treatments.

Some manufacturers provide a wide selection of finishes for marble, but many are not suitable for use on floors. Leathering is a textured finish similar in appearance to honing that closes marble’s pores and produces a slight sheen. It is preferred for dark-colored stones. A caressed finish takes leathering one step further, adding gloss to the surface. Bush-hammered is rougher than a leather finish, produced by making small indentations in the marble with the pointy end of a hammer. Flaming, produced by applying fire directly to the stone, causes crystals to pop, producing a very rough surface. This finish is best used for outside applications. Rigato is a machine-produced linear finish that is used for walls. Tumbled marble surfaces have a weathered or distressed look that also contains some smoothness.

Q: What Countertop Edge Styles That Work Best in Small Kitchens

For many years of experiences of countertops, there 3 countertops edge styles that work best in small kitchens.

Single Bevel. Single beveled is a square edge cut along the top at a more or less...

Bullnose. The bullnose is a smooth, rounded edge cut that gracefully enhances any countertop material.

Eased Edge. An Eased edge style is a slightly ‘softened’ square that alleviates that hard,...

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