Transparent Honey Onyx Stone Laminted with Backing Glass

Transparent Honey Onyx Stone Laminted with Backing Glass

Transparent Honey Onyx Laminted with Backing Glass;Honey Onyx Marble;Transparent Tile; Laminated Glass Tile Onyx with light is very popular to use,such as wall,hotel reception etc. Marble composite tiles are the combination of natural marble with different kind of materials such as...

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Transparent Honey Onyx Laminated with Backing Glass

Honey Onyx Stone Tiles

Honey Onyx Stone Laminted with Backing Glass

Onyx with light is very popular to use, such as the wall, hotel reception, etc.

Marble composite tiles are a combination of natural marble with different kinds of materials such as ceramics, granite, aluminum, glass, and others. A polished marble surface with a thickness of 3mm is bonded to base material which is 9mm in thickness. There are several advantages for us to choose marble composite tiles for the building projects in applications such as flooring. It retains the color of natural marble and its beauty. Marble composite tiles are lighter, however, the hardness is very high, and still very durable. It actually improves the physical properties of natural stone and there is less risk of breakage during transportation and installation.

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ProductTransparent Honey Onyx Stone Laminated with Backing Glass
Available Size♦Tile   Sizes
1)12"x 12"x 3/8"or 305 x 305 x   10mm
2)16"x 16"x 1/2"or 400 x 400 x   12mm
3)18"x 18"x 1/2"or 457 x 457 x   12mm
4)24"x 24"x 3/4"or 600 x 600 x   20mm
5)Cut-to-size or any other customized sizes
♦stair:1100-1500x300-330x20/30mm   1100-1500x140-160x20mm etc
96"x 36",96"x   25-1/2",78"x 25-1/2",78"x 36",72"x   36",96"x 16"etc
♦mosaic:300 x 300 x 8mm,457 x 457 x 8mm,610 x   610 x 10mm etc.
♦sink:500 x 410 x 190mm,430 x 350 x 195mm etc.
♦Half Slab Size:
600*1800 up*20/30mm;700*1800 up*20/30mm
♦Slab Size:1200 up*2400 up*20/30mm
Usage of MarbleOnyx Tiles. Onyx Wall Cladding Tiles, Onyx Floor Tiles. Onyx DInnier Tables, Onyx Bar Tops

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Q: How Many Different Marble Surfaces Treatments can choose?

A: Marble is a soft substance with a surface that is easily worn down with regular usage. Dirt and scratches can affect marble’s appearance, clogging the crystals that reflect light and give the stone its beauty. Because of these characteristics, select a finish for floors, countertops and other applications with a marble surface not only to avoid dullness but to protect the underlying stone.

So the normal marble surface treatments are Polished, Honed and water-proof treatments.

Some manufacturers provide a wide selection of finishes for marble, but many are not suitable for use on floors. Leathering is a textured finish similar in appearance to honing that closes marble’s pores and produces a slight sheen. It is preferred for dark-colored stones. A caressed finish takes leathering one step further, adding gloss to the surface. Bush-hammered is rougher than a leather finish, produced by making small indentations in the marble with the pointy end of a hammer. Flaming, produced by applying fire directly to the stone, causes crystals to pop, producing a very rough surface. This finish is best used for outside applications. Rigato is a machine-produced linear finish that is used for walls. Tumbled marble surfaces have a weathered or distressed look that also contains some smoothness.

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