Pietra Grey Marble Laminated Tile with Backing Ceramic

Pietra Grey Marble Laminated Tile with Backing Ceramic

Pietra Grey Marble Laminated Tile with Backing Ceramic;Grey Marble Laminated Tile;Marble Laminated;Laminated Tile Pietra grey marble laminated tile with backing porcelain is less cost than the pietra grey marble. Marble composite tiles are the combination of natural marble with different kind of...

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Pietra Grey Marble Laminated Tile with Backing Ceramic

Pietra Grey Marble Laminated Tile with Backing Ceramic Tiles Pietra Grey Marble Compisited Tiles

Pietra Grey marble is a gorgeous contemporary marble. This marble is made up of ‘muddy’ Charcoal grey tones and striking white veining throughout. The on-trend colour of this marble makes it the perfect choice for bathrooms, kitchens and living areas.

Pietra Grey Marble Composited Tiles with Package 

Pietra Grey Marble. Pietra Gray Marble is a stunning marble from Iran, being very dense and consistent marble. The local name for Pietra gray marble is Lashator marble. This gray/black marble is sorted in different types by MGT stone based on the background color and the number of white veins.

Pietra Grey Marble Laminated Tile with Backing Ceramic

Marble ceramic composite tiles . Marble Laminated Ceramic Flooring Tiles can be made of 3mm Marble thin tile laminate with 9mm Ceramic tile.It is also called Marble Ceramic Compound,Marble Ceramic,Marble Composite Ceramic,Marble With Ceramic.Marble Laminated Ceramic Tile is more economy and well installed,it is the same effect with traditional marble tile.




Pietra Grey Marble Laminated Tile with Backing Ceramic
Model Name


Marble Composited Ceramic Tiles

Type1) 3-5mm marble+9mm/12mm ceramic
2) 3-5mm marble +14-15mm granite
3) 3-5mm marble +8mm/10mmglass
4) marble + 4mmaluminum composite panel
5) marble + 6/8/10/12/…50mmAluminum Honeycomb

1. Basic Information:
     Types:Aluminium/Ceramic/Granite Composite tile.
     Surface Material:Expensive granite and marble.
      Surface Processing: Polish, Bush hammed, antique.
      Bottom Plate: Ceramtic, Aluminium Honeycomb, Granite, etc.

  Size   range(mm): 
     300x300     300x600        600x600   800x800   
     600x1200   600x1200   1200x2400
     Thickness: 2-3mm(surface)+9mm(bottom)

     Packing Way: carton box with polywood pallet(optional):
     10pcs/box(300*300), 5pcs/box(300*600), 
     3pcs/box(600*600, 800*800)

2. Features:
1) Light weight, quality more   stronger than natural stone, easy to control color difference.
2) Easy to store, save processing   equipment cost and delivery cost.
3) More convenient to install with   low breakage.
4) Simple selling way like ceramic   with more options.
5) Good   water-proof: Bottom plate is more strong, with help of adhesive glue, beton   and dirty water  is hard to goes up. Surface water original color   much longer time than natural stone.
6) Profit is much better than   natural stone and ceramic.

3. Using:
1) Indoor   flooring, wall for lift, indoor wall, etc.
2) Outwall   cladding.
3) Aluminium   Honeycomb tile can use for ceiling decoration.
4) Counter   top for bar.

4. Processing step:
1) Slab   slicing for surface plate.
2) Surface   plate drying for laminating
3) Adhere   surface plate on bottom plate with glue.
4) Glue   fixing by jack for 8-10hours.
5)   Polishing[36hours(at least 12hours) after gule adhesive.]
6) Trimming   and chamfering
7) End   product inspection.
8) Color   classification.
9) Packing

5. Other information
1) Thickness   of glue: about 0.2mm
2) During   glue reacting, some air doesn't go out thoroughly. Very few pieces of   comopsite tile may 
have small   hollow hole without glue. It is normal. 
3) In order   to prolong the using time, don't propose client to use for kitchentop which   is always heat.

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