Granite renovate

- Sep 02, 2016 -

Stone cutting, stone materials in the manufacturing of machinery and equipment on the ground processing, Machining accuracy, and other reasons, resulting in uneven sheet thickness or placed in use and transit are not reasonable, cause of slab deformation so that pavement at the scene when the rough cut. Constructed in order to catch the duration, in the case of stone material is dry at the end of a walk or careless construction, will cause the cutting mouth. Hand polishing machine is usually adopted in the past by hand some high level, but the effect is very poor. Watch now: (a) gloss can not be ensured, a great contrast with the original plate, (ii) local flatness and overall smoothness and are unable to meet the standard requirements, affecting the decorative stone finishes effects. And reduce the cost of specific cutting problems, using the most simple, convenient and effective method of renovation effect. In cutting more than above 1mm, the stone material renovates is a deep renovation.

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