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Hubei G603 Quarry

Realho Stone has more than 16 years of experience in granite production, specializing in sheet metal production, and now has a group of professional and skilled workers. Now, Realho stone has a professional stone processing base in the Hubei stone industry zone, which mainly produces gray granite such as Hubei G603, Hubei g602, Hubei G633, etc. the products include granite tiles, granite slabs, granite cut-to-size tiles, granite countertops and etc.    

Hubei G603 Granite Factory

The Plate mainly produces granite products such as craft stone, large-scale board, and high-standard board. The products are widely used in curtain wall dry hanging, rail transit, garden landscape, indoor and outdoor floor, and wall decoration, etc.

Realho Stone Factory and procssing Machines

An extension of G603 granite: Macheng is famous as “the city of azalea” in China, as well as “the stone town of China”. Macheng granites have the superiority of Abundant Reserves, Centralized Area, Various colors, High quality, Small color difference, Easily accessible, etc. 

l convenient traffic by big mountain: Macheng is located at the junction of Henan, Hebei and Guangdong province, as well as the economic center of Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Hefei city. With the convenient water transportation of Changjiang, Macheng is convenient for granite carriage.  

l superior policies to attract investors: These years, the government has taken the development of the local resources seriously, increased policy supports on the stone industry to attract investors, in order to establish Macheng as the biggest distribution center of stone mining, processing, and transportation.

Hubei G603 Granite Produts Lines

Hubei granite series has eight unparalleled advantages: large reserves, concentrated industry, strong mining safety, no burial, good integrity, high output rate, small color difference, and easy mining. The main stone types are granite, with more than ten varieties, including Hubei Granite G603, Hubei Granite G623, Hubei Granite G602, Hubei G655 Granite, Hubei G654 Granite, China Juarana, etc G602, and G655 are the exclusive varieties. The mining area is located in bai ya shan in the southeast of the urban area, with an area of more than 60 square kilometers and a storage capacity of 25 billion cubic meters. It is the first stone mine in China that can be mined without gaps for a hundred years.

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