Chinese Style Cemetery Granite Tombstone with Carving

Chinese Style Cemetery Granite Tombstone with Carving

Chinese Style Cemetery Granite Tombstone with Carving Product name: Chinese Style Cemetery Luoyuan Green Granite Tombstone Color:Green Material:Luoyuan Green Granite Style:Chinese Style Tombstone Surface finish:polished For market:China,Asia Packing:Strong wooden crate with fumigation.Each piece...

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Chinese Style Cemetery Granite Tombstone with Carving

Chinese Style Cemetery Granite Tombstone with CarvingIn the traditional funeral culture of China, the tombstone has an important role in recording the dead, and it is the carrier for the families of the deceased to pursue their passion. With the development of the times, people need not only solid and practical stone for tombstone stone, but also pursue its beautiful shape, unique design, and artistic texture. The selection, modeling design, and processing technology of the cemetery from stone need to be elaborately carved.

Chinese Style Cemetery Granite Tombstone Chinese Style Granite Carving

As far as stone materials are concerned, most tombstones in the cemetery are granite with high density, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance, which not only has a long service life but also has a good glossiness after polishing.

Chinese Style Tombstone with Carving Chinese Style Cemetery Granite Tombstone with Carving

Traditional Chinese tombstone: there are several elements in traditional Chinese tomb: 1 stone lion 2 guardrails 3 tombstones and tomb frame 4: Traditional Chinese sculpture such as dragon and Phoenix. Some of the traditional tombs are also equipped with censers. Generally speaking, the elderly prefer the traditional Chinese Cemetery.

Production Description of Realho Stone

Product series

Granite tombstone/ headstone/ gravestone/ memorial/ monument


cemetery, memorial, garden, plaza


Russian style tombstone, Asia style tombstone, Special style tombstone, Statue tombstone or made as your drawing/ design


as per drawings or designs


Green: G612, Olive Green, Tropical Green, Luoyuan Green

Other Colors Available

Black: Shanxi Black, Indian Black, Black Galaxy

Grey: Impala Black, G654, G633, China Juparana, Seawave White

White: G603, G623, G435

Blue: Blue Pearl, Butterfly Blue, Bahama Blue

Pink: G664, G681, G687

Red: G617, Multi-Color Red, Aurora, Indian Red, Maple Red, Tianshan Red

Yellow: G682

Brown: Paradiso, Tan Brown, Baltic Brown

Other Designs Available

Angel series,  Mary/ Jesus series, Cross with carved flowers, Various cute pet monument-Cherub monument/ Cherub/ Teddy bear/ Lamb monument/ Flower Child/ Dog headstone, etc

Surface Finish

Polished, craved, honed, bush-hammered, chiseled, sandblasted, etc

Special artwork

3D sculpture, Line Engraving, Relief Engraving, Shadow Engraving, Sandblasting, Hand-Carving, Flat Solid Engraving, Lettering, Inlay-art Embossment art, Photo Etching, any special design according to your specification


1 set

Main Market

England, Poland, Romania, America, New Zealand, Russia, Indonesia, Japan

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