Dark Grey G654 Granite Tile Paving Stone Pattern

Dark Grey G654 Granite Tile Paving Stone Pattern

1.Recommended granite materials: G603 grey granite, G654 dark grey granite, G682 yellow granite, G562 pink granite, G664 pink granite, wulianhua red granite, G655 dark grey granite, etc 2.Available sizes: 600x600mm; 600x300mm;400x400mm;800x400mm etc. 3.Thick: 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm,80mm etc. 4.Finish: polished, flamed, antique, bush hammered surface 5.Application: road paving stone;garden adornment; swimming pool;plaza etc outdoor paving decoration

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Production Description of Realho Stone

Most of the granite has only color spots, and a few have solid colors. 

Compared with marble, the texture and color of granite is single, but granite is hard, wear-resistant, pressure resistant, fire-resistant, 

acid and alkali resistant and corrosive gas erosion, 

not afraid of wind and sun, suitable for outdoor wall and ground decoration. 

Through the matching design, granite can also show the ideal paving effect.

Recommended granite materials: G603 grey granite, G654 dark grey granite, 

G682 yellow granite, G562 pink granite, G664 pink granite, wulianhua red granite, G655 dark grey granite, etc

Available sizes: 600x600mm; 600x300mm;400x400mm;800x400mm etc.

Thick: 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm,80mm etc.

Finish: polished, flamed, antique, bush hammered surface

Application: road paving stone;garden adornment; swimming pool;plaza etc outdoor paving decoration

Production Photos of Realho Stone

paving tile

 FAQ of Realho Stone

How is your packing ?


1) Strong wooden crates or pallets for tile;

2) Wooden bundles for random slabs or gang saw slabs;

3) Other special package can be done accordingly your requirement;

slab package

 About Us of Realho Stone

About Us: 

1) We have been focusing on stone industry for a long time understanding. 

2) Own quarries and full prepared handling machines. 

3) Well-prepared QC group review cautiously from slicing to bundle. 

4) Experienced specialists and effective supervisory group. 

Our focal points: 

an) Owner of expert processing plants and quarries 

(like G603 Granite Quarry, Ariston Gray Marble, Imperial Gold Marble and so forth.) 

b) Experienced and have refined craftsmanship. 

c) With exacting control of each procedure and quality-assessed. 

d) Have huge stock, brief conveyance and great acclaim in stone industry. 

e) can give CAD attracting to extend, similar to ledge, stair case, waterjet design and so on.

Why Choose Realho Stone

marble factoryFactory & Slabs Warehouse Video


 Contact Us of Realho Stone

 Realho Stone Windy

Cell : 86-15880203665 (whatsapp / wechat)

Welcome to purchase high quality and pure natural dark grey g654 granite tile paving stone pattern from Realho Stone which is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Under strict quality control and management system, our own professional stone plant will offer you the best quality dark grey g654 granite tile paving stone pattern at cheap price.
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