Bushhammer Giallo Cecilia Granite Tiles

Bushhammer Giallo Cecilia Granite Tiles

1:Color:Yellow Granite
2:Item:Giallo Cecilia Granite
4:MOQ:50 SQM
6:Brand:Xiamen Realho Stone Co.,Ltd.

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 Giallo Cecilia Granite Tiles for Floor and Stairs

Giallo Cecilia Granite with a high finish and a rather yellowish flower color. Gold hemp is yellow-gray as a whole, the origin is most famous in Shandong, suitable for indoor and outdoor wall ground. This Golden Granite Material appearance golden yellow or dull yellow, white color, beautiful spot-like pattern with different shades of color, the pattern grain is small and even, and the distribution of star-like mica highlights and shining quartz crystals, high hardness, after polishing does not fall debris, not easy to scratch, not afraid of high temperature, no matter the color or bright light, will not fade or darken, corrosion resistance to acid and alkali, high iron content, non-radioactive, a kind of yellowish gray, scattered gray hemp spots, and the flower color is yellow.

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Giallo Cecilia Granite is widely used for dry hanging on exterior walls, interior decoration, square garden flooring, etc. Generally used in the ground, steps, pedestal, step, gable, etc., mostly used for indoor and outdoor wall, floor, column surface decoration, etc. A variety of surface effects can be achieved - polishing, matting, fine grinding, firing, waterjet treatment, sandblasting, etc.

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Outdoor Tile




Bush Hammered




Wooden Crate



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Big Slab,Cut-to-size,Tile,Paver,Culture stone,Model,Curbstone,Mosaic,Step,Capstone,Pool coping

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Ice surface, Chiselled, Rough-rubbing, Antique, Tumbled, Flamed, Split, Grooved, Bushhamered, Mushroom, Polished, Sandblasted, Acid washing, Honed

FAQ of Realho Stone

Granite can have small pits that are visible to the eye and can be felt. What are they?

It is not uncommon to see and/or feel some small pits on the surface of granite slabs. These occur during the polishing process when some weaker components of the granite can flake off. Remember... granite is a natural stone that is a combination of mostly hard minerals but also some softer minerals.

These small pits do not affect the strength or durability of the granite, but you should discuss these issues with your fabricator when making your choice of granite.

Unlike small repairs/damage that may occur to granite due to accidents, it is not advisable to fill large areas of pitting as it will affect the appearance of the granite. If the pits really bother you, you should consider purchasing a granite that has minimal or no visual imperfections.

What about the filled lines in the granite slabs?

A good number of granite colors that are very beautiful with a variety of colors and veins that flow in different directions are not truly "granites" in strict geological terms. Though they are commonly called granites, they are actually Gneiss or Schists' stones. "True granite" stones scale between 6 and 7 on MOH's scale of hardness (diamond hardness is 10). Whereas, the MOH's scale for Gneiss and Schist is less than 6.

In order to strengthen these stones to be used as countertops, they undergo a process called resignation, where epoxy resin is used to fill the weak spots of these stones. These slabs, with the visually filled lines, do not break or crack once they are installed, with proper care. If any problem does happen, it will happen during fabrication or transportation. Mascarello, Copenhagen, Louise Blue, Barricato, Betularie, and many more popular stones belong to this category. A lot of customers do not mind the fill lines and visual imperfections because of the beauty of these natural stones.

As with the pitting mentioned in the prior section, if you are a perfectionist and do not want any imperfections, then you should choose another type of stone.

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