Polished Black Cosmic Granite Slabs

Polished Black Cosmic Granite Slabs

Embellished with white quartz veins and mica clusters, Black Cosmic Granite is a rare and special stone, a real jewel for furniture.This metamorphic granite has all the movement and veining of marble with the structural hardness that only comes with granite. A special effect is obtained with little dark red garnets scattered all over the stone, thus exalting nature’s wild creativity and presenting architects and designers with a very refined product. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Polished Black Cosmic Granite Slabs

Cosmic Black is one of the most classic of all the granite color options.

It comes with many variations and you’ll want to see the exact stone 

that you’re going to use in your project. There are often quartz pockets on this stone 

as well which adds to the natural elegance.

The ideal rooms for cosmic black granite are kitchens and bathrooms. 

Not only does this provide a darker, more subtle look than some other options, 

but you can also match appliances and fixtures to your granite color. 

Cosmic black granite provides a beautiful white swirl throughout the black, displaying a light touch within the dark.

Black Cosmic Granite-1

The textures and colors in cosmic black granite can vary since it is a natural stone. 

You may have light browns and yellows mixed in with the white and black on your particular stone. 

This provides a unique appearance that is only found in your home, since no two stones are the same. 

This personalized touch can be chosen with any color granite and not just cosmic black.

Black Cosmos Granite

Cosmic black granite can be found throughout many portions of Brazil. 

The large stones are unearthed and then sanded down to create blocks

that can be used as various surfaces throughout the home. 

The blocks may have to be cut to fit the desired shape, but diamond saws can do so easily. 

This choice of granite may be hard to use on larger surfaces since they usually are found in smaller blocks. 

However, the right installer can expertly seam the pieces together and you will never know the difference.

The installation and care of black cosmic granite is generally the same as others. 

One of the biggest differences, however, is the fact that darker granite can be sealed 

and joined with other countertops and surfaces without being noticed as much. 

The dark color blends in well with the others, and with the right installation, you will not notice seams. 

The granite surface will have to be sealed and finished to ensure it retains its high quality. 

Consider the instructions given to you during the time of installation to keep your 

cosmic black granite surface looking the best that it can.

Production Description of Realho Stone

Basic Info


Polished Black Cosmic Granite Slabs

Tile sizes

12"x12"(305X305 or 300X300), 24"X12"(610X305 or   600X300), 24"x24"
 (610X610 or 600X600), 18"X18''(457X457), 400X400, 800x800 or Customize   sizes.

Slab sizes

1000(up)*600,1200(up)*600,1800(up)*600,2400(up)*1200(up),   800(up)*1200(up) or Customize sizes.

Kerb Stone

990X300X100, 750X300X100, 600X150X120, 500X300X100, 500X250X120 or   Customize sizes.

Cube Stone

100X100X100, 100X100X50, 100X100 X length or Customize sizes.


10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm etc.


polished, honed, flamed, sandblasted, bush-hammered, split, chiseled,   swan, natural, etc.


floor, wall, countertop, vanity top, kitchen top, basin, fireplace,   tombstone, column, mosaic, pattern, tabletop, kerbstone, cube stone, paving stone, etc.

Payment terms

T/T , LC


200 sqm

Supply ability

5000~10000 Square meters per month


Export standard wooden bundles or crates

Delivery time

20~45 days, according to order quantity.

Quality standard

Thickness tolerance(length, width, thickness): +/-1mm. (sheet thickness   tolerance: +0/-0.5mm)

Polished degree: above 85 degrees.
no variation, no crack, no mark



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5. Owned several marble and granite quarries, which can offer you very special prices,

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