Brazilian White Rose Granite Countertops, Vanity Tops And Bar Tops

Brazilian White Rose Granite Countertops, Vanity Tops And Bar Tops

White Rose is Brazil original. It is widely applied in interior decoration. We can supply you white rose granite slabs, white rose kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top and bar tops. Also it is excellent material for floor tiles, wall tiles and window sills.

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Brazilian White Rose Granite Countertops, Vanity Tops and Bar Tops

White Rose Granite Countertops

White Rose granite countertops could be a great choice for your rooms like a bathroom, kitchen or Toilets. It would make your rooms look clean, modern, and tidy. If you usually use the Wood-look on the countertops, using the white rose granite countertops would update the beauty of your house places.

  White Rose Granite Kitchen Countertops

Brazilian White Rose Granite Countertops, Vanity Tops and Bar Tops  White Rose Granite Countertops 

Brazilian White Rose Granite Slabs White Rose Granite Slabs

Countertop Edges Drawing & Countertop Desings


White Rose is Braziloriginal. It is widely applied in interior decoration & it's features a white background that partners beautifully with black veins. White Rose Granite is Brazil granite, especially suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior design projects, like countertops, floors, wall capping, stairs and riser, window sills, desks and other projects in hotels, villa, exclusive shop and airport.

White Rose granite is an extremely popular option when looking for granite kitchen countertops for your home. While there are many granite colors to choose from, white granite tops our list as the most desirable granite color for your kitchen for several reasons. First, when deciding on a granite color you must keep in mind maintenance and durability.

Product Name: Brazilian White Rose Granite Countertops, Vanity Tops And Bar Tops
 Material: White Rose Granite
 Specifications: Vanity top 25"x22",31"x22",37"x22",49"x22",61"x22" etc.
 Kitchen tops 25 1/2"x96",26"x96",25 1/2"x108",26 1/2"x108",28"x96",28"x108" etc.
 Kitchen Island 98"x42",76"x42",76"x36",86"x42",96"x36" etc.
 Countertop Peninsula 36"x78",39"x78" & 28"x78" etc.
 Countertops Snack  bar 12"x78",15"x78",98"x18",108"x18" etc.

 Other sizes are available upon detailed requirement.

 We welcome customized drawings and styles !

 Thickness: 2cm (3/4”),3cm (1 1/5"),4cm (1 1/2”) laminated edge or other specified thickness.
 Edgeing: Full Bullnose,Half bullnose,Flat eased (eased edge),Bevel top,Radius Top,Laminated Countertop,Ogee Edge,DuPont,Edge,Beveled or others.
 Surface  Finish: Polished,flamed,honed,bush hammeredsandblast,chisselled.

Granite SlabsGranite TilesGranite Countertops Granite Vanity tops

What Standard Tiles Sizes of White Rose Granite & How many SQM Tiles pack ?

305x305 x10mm      12" x   12" x 3/8"1046cartons42.79124090026.08
406 x 406x 10mm    16" x 16"   x 3/8"630cartons29.6786090026.08
457 x   45x10mm        18" x 18" x   3/8"630cartons37.6109090026.08
300 x 600 x 20mm     12" x 24" x   3/4"x100pcs18104445026.1

FAQ of Realho Stone

1. It is durable and lasts longer.

Pink granite white countertops undoubtedly durable and more extended last. If you need to make your kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity an aspect of improvement or improve the overall beauty of your rooms, it is a problematic bit to choose a better response than white pink Granite.

2. It is easy to clean

Besides it is a good choice which could improve your house value, deciding the materials for kitchen countertops, using white pink granite rather than black and white granite countertops could balance the hardware and cabinets. Besides, it is fantastic contrasts its cabinetry color with the reflective layer of cabinets knobs.

3. Suitable for modern and small kitchens

If you have a tiny bathroom or kitchen and want to apply the modern theme, then the white-pink granite is better than the standard black and white Granite. It is an incredible natural stone combined with smooth, white cream and black spots that make this stone look impressive and Impressive.

Sometimes collaborating with blank white could be a risky project Challenge. Combine white-based color, to the kitchen; it could cause any glacial feeling if you choose the wrong target. To avoid a slippery look, it could make aiming white granite countertop and white cabinet which have variations of design and natural color. This way you could warm up space in the ROOM. Alternatively, The white Rose granite countertops become a right choice. To make the place include a more beautiful kitchen and bathroom to turn the white room into a marvel.




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