New Model Ceramic Grey Tile 400x800

New Model Ceramic Grey Tile 400x800

Ceramic thin plate (referred to as thin porcelain plate) is a plate-shaped ceramic product made of kaolin clay and other inorganic non-metallic materials through forming and high temperature calcination at 1200 degrees.

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40x80 Low Price New Model Double Charge Flooring Marble Look Vitrified Ceramic Floor Tiles 


1/ The porcelain tile uses the inkjet technology to capture the most authentic and detailed image of natural stone.The pattern is lively and vivid, the texture is natural and smooth.


2/ With the integration of the arts and elegant cultural characteristics,the simple and modern design makes porcelain tile the ideal element for all types of environment.



   Unglazed Porcelain Floor Tiles


   600x600 / 300x600/ 300x300

    Suface   Matt / Polished / Rough / Linen finsh
    Color   Color Selection
    Water Absorption   0.5%
    Slipperiness   R10
    Abrasion Resistance   131~139

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  1. The veneer ceramic sheet of this system is fired at a high temperature of 1200 ℃, and has excellent properties such as no deformation, no discoloration and durability. It has Class A fire resistance, bending strength ≥50MPa, breaking strength ≥800N, and water absorption ≤0.5%. Its hardness is 7, and the performance of various materials far exceeds that of traditional ceramics, stone, aluminum-plastic panels and other materials;

  2. Light weight, high strength, high flatness, good sound and heat insulation effect, strong earthquake resistance, fire prevention, chemical corrosion resistance, weather resistance, weather resistance, dirt and easy washing;

  3. The tiles is easy to install, has less auxiliary materials, saves materials, time and labor, and has a low total installation cost. It is superior to pure stone in terms of weight, strength, leveling, and sound insulation, so it is more suitable for high-rise and building curtain walls or interior wall decoration;

  4. It can eliminate the risk of thin porcelain plate falling off due to construction quality. The bonding strength of the traditional tile bonding mortar is about 0.4MPa, and the shear strength of the special adhesive for this system can reach more than 15MPa, and it has extremely good wind pressure resistance.

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Welcome to purchase high quality and pure natural new model ceramic grey tile 400x800 from Realho Stone which is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Under strict quality control and management system, our own professional stone plant will offer you the best quality new model ceramic grey tile 400x800 at cheap price.
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