About Us

Brief Introduction

 Xiamen Realho Stone Co., Ltd. is a professional stone company which specializes in Marble, Granite and Quartz Materials.

We have collected stone quarry resource since 1997. With our own quarries, factory and exporting company, Realho Stone could supply our customer slab, countertop, tile/cut-to-size, paver stone, mosaic, etc.

The company has a group of experienced management and technical staff, inspectors, and professional exporting sales team, which can provide high-quality products and professional services for the customers.



Realho Stone owns a professional stone plant, with the occupied area of over 46,000m2 and about 200 technical workers. The plant equipped 18 sets of block cutting machines, 14 sets of imported infrared-ray trimmer for cut slabs into tiles, 6 sets of CNC profiling machines for stone borders and countertop edges, arc string cutter for columns, and machines for water-jet pattern, etc.

Ø Processing Plant Covered Area( SQM)----- 25,000 SQM

Ø  Processing Plant Total Land Area(SQM)------39,000 SQM

Ø Production Capacity/Month----------- 75,000 SQM- 150,000 SQM(MAX)

Ø Factory ISO Certification & Others Certifcation(Please Specify)----ISO 9001,ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Certificates

Ø Allow inspection/rejection from clients duiring dry lay, applying impregnator packing and labelling?---Yes, we accept client inspection

ØAllow international quality inspectors to carry out  quality inspection? e.g SGS---Yes, we accept international quality inspector as well, and the inspection fee is supposed to be covered by your esteemed company

Machinery (No of Units)
* Block cutter
   - Gang Saw3
   - Circular Blade Saw10
   -  Wire Saw2
* Polish machine8
* Bridge cutters with Infra Red15
* Flame machine2
* Bush Hammer machine1
* Waterjet cutting machine12
* Engraving machine2
*   Calibrating machine3
*   Splitting machine14
*   Automatic Moulding Polishing machine3
*  NC shaping machine5



Workshop for Marble Products (slab, tile, cut-to-size, stair)

Workshop for Granite Products (slab, tile, cut-to-size, stair)

Workshop for Quartz Products (slab, tile, cut-to-size)

Workshop for Countertop (granite, marble, quartz)

Workshop for Landscape Stone (cube stone, paver, kerbstone, mushroom stone, pebble stone)

Workshop for Special Shape Products (boarder, column, craving)

Workshop for Mosaic and Water-jet Mosaic

Workshop for Tombstone 




Realho’s predecessors were the first ones who started stone mining at local. To search the stable and high quality stone materials and to reduce inter mediate links, we keep sourcing quarries from,,,,,and. 

In , we mine and two quarries, Imperial Gold Marble and New G603 Granite.


 Imperial Gold Marble

Imperial Gold Marble is our exclusive quarry exploitation, which is impressed by its unique gold mesh texture and brilliant color.

We owns quarry land over 700,000M2, block reserves in excess of 80,000,000M3 and monthly exploitation over 5,000M3.

Imperial Gold displays the “Royal and Aristocratic features” that is perfectly ideal for the hotel design and high-end building decoration.

 New G603 Granite

The total investment of New G603 Central Stone Circular Economy Industrial Park is RMB25 billion. The overall planning is 1,333,000M2.

Available in Polished, Honed, Flamed, Bush hammered, Antique, Sandblasted, Water jet, Natural split, Pineapple, etc.

New G603 is wildly used for Big slabs, Small slabs, Tiles, Cut-to-size, Steps and Risers, Curbstone, Blocksteps, Tombstone, Hand-made Pillars and Cube stone, etc.

Products & Project 

With whole production line, we can supply you quartz slabs and quartz countertops; marble slabs, marble tiles, marble countertops, marble columns, marble stairs, marble mosaics, marble patterns; granite slabs, granite tiles, granite countertops, granite columns, granite stairs, granite pavers , granite tombstones and special shaped products for building projects, especially for hotel, commercial and residential applications.


Our production including: block cutting, brushing, slab polishing, tile cutting, other processing, lay out, QC inspection, packing and loading.

 Ø  Selected Materials - According to clients’ samples or supplied photos, we will send professional worker to choose blocks and find blocks to meet client’s requests of color and pattern.

 Ø  Blocks Saw cut - Blocks cut to rough slabs in needed thickness (commonly in the thickness of 10mm, 16mm, 20mm or 30mm) or cut to small blocks by Gang Saw Machines.

 Ø  Polishing - It will make thickness, flatness and polish lightness of the slabs to reach quality requests. Through polishing, stones will show its color, pattern and gloss.

 Ø  Cut-to-size - By infrared cutting machine, slabs are cut to required size.

 Ø  Extra Processing - Beside above processing steps, some products need extra processing, such as polished edges, beveled edges and drilled holes etc.


Our products are produced according to international quality standard. And our products are certificated by authority organizations.

Team & Exhibition

With 20 years of experiences in stone and maintaining our distinct standards in both Quality and Service, 

Realho stone wins a prestigious and high reputation among the customers.

Realho stone team is committed to our service principle “Credibility Supreme, Quality Oriented”, 

which drives Realho stone be your creditable business partner.